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Water and energy saving cartridges

The adoption of a new type of cartridges, small pulsating heart of the tap that enables the mixing of the water, makes it possible to optimize consumption and avoid useless energy overloads. Gattoni Rubinetteria offers three different types of water mixing cartridges that comply with the performance required for the taps they are installed in and a thermostatic cartridge.

The Ø 25 mm cartridges are installed in the design series and offer a water flow of 10 lt/min way below the capacity required by law, while the Ø 35 mm cartridges are installed in the more commercial versions and respect the standard of 12 lt/min.
We offer an additional water and energy saving cartridge installed in some mass-produced series. The water flow capacity of 6 lt/min is set at production through a flow limiting device, while a special temperature limiter makes it possible to set at minimum the rotation of the hot temperature level, thus preventing useless functioning of the heater to produce unnecessary hot water. The mechanism is similar to the “stop” level present on the thermostatic mixers, that by setting the temperature at 38°C not only avoid energy waste but also prevent possible scalding when used by children or elderly users.

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