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Responsible use of the tap  

In Italy also, possibly just recently as compared with other countries of the world, a more and more growing civic awareness is contributing to produce good results in terms of a conscious behaviour towards nature and the riches it offers us.

Water, a primary necessity which apparently we consider an unlimited resource, is the element we must deal with when turning on a tap or mixer. A responsible use of water contributes to improve the innovative performances already developed by the manufacturer. Four useful but not to be taken for granted precautions must be kept in mind:

  1. Remember not to let the water flow uselessly when brushing your teeth or doing the dishes.
  2. After finishing the job make sure the tap is securely turned off and that there are no drippings because even if drippings seem to waste just little water, they actually do waste a whole lot. Federconsumatori (consumer Union) has calculated that 60 drops a minute represent 864 litre per month, 90 drops a minute are equal to 1395 litre a month and 120 drops a minute equal 1930 litre per month!
  3. Let’s not forget that when we choose a shower over a bath we consume about 50 litre of water  instead of 150.
  4. Especially in case of a prolonged absence from home make sure to shut off the main water supply before leaving.

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