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Gattoni Rubinetteria’s

sustainability, environment protection and a responsible behaviour as the core of the company’s strategy

For a long time Gattoni Rubinetteria’s company strategy has been focusing on “green” themes by improving and modernizing the processes of all manufacturing phases. That is why our taps can be identified as environmental-friendly for their innovative functions aimed at proposing a responsible management of water consumption.

It can be defined as GREEN ATTITUDE, that is an orientation towards putting the values based on sustainability, environment protection and responsible behaviour on the forefront, applied both to the manufacturing and distribution of our taps.

An additional element supporting such a foresighted attitude is also the choice we make of our suppliers,  who are selected among those that offer certified raw materials, processed by highly professional and specialised workers, coming from the most important Italian taps-and-fittings production district, located on a territory far from highly urbanized and industrialised suburbs and therefore characterised by a healthy quality of life.

All of the above contribute to define Gattoni Rubinetteria as a firm grounded on environment-friendly and environmental sustainability principles typical of a company that takes to heart the milieu surrounding it and respectful of all the partners it works with down to the final consumer.

Gattoni Rubinetteria S.p.A.
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